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Everest Plumbing was established in 2013 with a driven passion for the plumbing industry,  we have grown over the years by word of mouth thanks to our quality service, impeccable workmanship and adaptive solutions to problems encountered on the job site. Our skillset knows no boundaries when it comes to the plumbing industry, we handle everything from a simple leaking toilet to a full bathroom renovation, to full-scale complex developments. 

At Everest Plumbing we are proud to be a family-run enterprise, we are a reliable, loyal and trustworthy team, some of our core focuses which we take great pride in applying to all of our work. We are happy and proud to separate ourselves from the rest of the industry with our competitive rates, speedy response time, skilled teams and exceptional work ethic.


When replacing your geyser, you have the choice of Kwikot or HeatTech geysers. We can assure you that all geysers are installed to the SABS 10254 Standards. Geyser installations come with:

Drip tray and drainage pipe to the outside of the roof
Temperature-pressure valve with pipe to the outside of the roof
2 x Vacuum Breakers
Drain Cock
Stop Cock

If you are replacing a burst geyser, have you considered switching to a solar system?


Unfortunately, all plumbing systems develop blockages from time to time—there is simply no way to avoid it.

When it comes to the unexpected and stubborn drain blockages from your kitchen sink to your toilets to even your floor drains we have you covered at Everest Plumbing. Your drain problems are just one call away from being resolved!

Our expertise and proven techniques will ensure that virtually any blockage will be dislodged from your drain systems. We apply techniques not force, unnecessary force can lead to permeant damage to the pipe system. We unblock drains, not damage them.


We are specialists to trust when it comes to plumbing maintenance. We offer and provide reliable and same day service – a service that all potential plumbing clients require to build working relationships, both residential and commercial. We are equipped to resolve your run of the mill plumbing problems but we also have an innovative thinking process that we adapt to your complex issues. Let us assist with our professional skill set with the following:

Meter replacements
Burst Geysers
Leaking Taps
Burst pipes
TP Replacement
Thermostat Replacement


Looking to revamp your kitchen? – Look no further, Everest Plumbing is here to assist, from upgrading to a larger sink or simple kitchen sink tap change we have you covered!

If you require assistance with connecting your fridge, dishwasher or washing machine to both water supply and drain you are good hands with us!

Your bathroom – From cabinets to shower heads, we will ensure that bathroom space becomes the place of relaxation that has always meant to be.

We can ensure with extensive bathroom renovations that the functionality, as well as the aesthetics of your home, are improved with our impeccable work ethic and quality of workmanship.

This pump system uses a combination of electricity and free energy from the sun to provide the energy it requires. The Heat Pump system is extremely cost effective and is an efficient water heating system for both residential and commercial applications.

The Heat Pump system can reduce electrical energy consumption by as much as a third when heating water compared to a conventional geyser. This saving is achieved by extracting heat from the outside air and transferring that heat to the water (to keep it simple). At Everest Plumbing we will assess and evaluate your needs and advise as to whether or not this would be a suitable solution for you.


When it comes to the building process of a new project Everest Plumbing does whatever we can to simplify the stressful process. We offer our services in both the residential as well as commercial areas of construction.

We will plan out the placement of the water supply and drainage for the project. During the planning process, we will also plan out the optimum placement for geysers and install them up to our normal high standard of work.

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